Snowstruck: Bracer I got tickets to see the new movie Kinka (keen kuh). Its a anime movie about a unicorn named Kinka finding its way home

Bracer: Sounds great! I don't understand japenese though

Snowstruck: It has english subtitles.

Bracer: Im in!

(scene cuts to movie theter)

Kinka:私は自分の道を戻って見つける必要がありま (i must find my way back)

Bracer: This movie isn't bad!

(screen goes black)

Camera Guy: Sorry tenical difficulties.

Snowstruck: WELL IM GONNA FIX IT! (goes in tv screen wich opens portal)

Bracer: Snowstruck wait! (runs after her and goes in portal)

Snowstruck: Bracer your eyes are so... Sparkling.

Bracer: And your mouth opens and closes slowly

Snowstruck: OMG WE ARE ANIME CREATURES (anime tear come out of snowstruck's eye)

Bracer: OMG Can i use a pokeball? (throws pokeball and nothing happens) Nope gusse not1

Snowstruck: Never mind that! WE ARE IN ANIME!!!

Bracer: Oh yeah.

Snowstruck: OMG CHOCALATE ICE CREAM TREES (runs to them and eats them)

Bracer: HAHA (the song Space Unicorn [gusse what TV show that song is from] plays)

Snowstruck: Bracer hand me my phone.

(bracer hands snowstruck her phone)

Snowstruck: Hello?

Brittney: Hey snowstruck where are you? (bracer stands behind snowstruck) Hi dumb face!

Bracer: GRRRR!

Brittney: Why do you look anime?


Brittney: Don't worry! Im on my way. After i deal with Mike, Jeremy, Fritz, and-

Snowstruck: I killed purple guy

Brittney: Oh

Bracer: Bye Dumb bat (punches snowstruck's phone) OWW I GOT GLASS IN MY HAND!

Snowstruck: Dont worry there is a hospital right there.

(scene cuts n hospital)

Nurse: Hi! Im Nurse Joy! I never seen you too before. you must be new! Welcome! How may i help you!

Snowstruck: Well my friend Bracer got glass in his hand.

Nurse Joy: That sounds like it hurts! Let me tak a look (looks at bracer's hand) He is ok I will remove the gass and put a bandage on his hand!

Bracer: Will it hurt?

Nurse Joy: A little.

Snowstruck: Don't worry Bracer. Im here

Bracer: Ok (closes eyes)

Nurse Joy: 3...2...1... GO (pulls out glass)

Bracer: (quietly) OWW!

Nurse Joy: Now let put a bandage over that cut (grabs bandages and puts on bracer's hand)

Bracer: Thanks!

Nurse Joy: Your welcome! Come back whenever you need me!

Snowstruck: OK What should we do now.

Bracer: I am getting kinda hungry.

Snowstruck: Me too. LOOK A subway!

(scene cuts in subway)

Bracer: That was a good tomato, lettuce, and cheese sandwich.

Snowstruck: I loved my Ham, Cheese, Turkey, And mayo sandwich. And we have skittles!

Bracer: OH NO I ATE TOO MUCH SKITTLES (throws up rainbow)

Snowstruck: YAY RAINBOW SHOW!!!

(Brittney comes in)

Brittney: Im here! And i look pretty as an anime character!


Brittney: IM ONLY DOING THIS CUZ SNOWSTRUCK IS MY BESTIE AND YOUR HER BESTIE (Picks up bracer and snowstruck and flies to portal)

Bracer: WE CAN MAKE IT!!

(the 3 friends smash through the glass. Bracer has glass in his hand [again] Brittney has glass in her wing and Snowstruck has glass in her leg)

All 3: We didn't make it (they pass out)

(scene cuts to hospital)

Snowstruck: Where are we?

Bracer: I think we are in a hospital!

Brittney: The only thing i remember is us smashing through glass

Bracer: Why is my hand in a bandage?

Snowstruck: Why is my leg in a bandage?

Brittney: And why s my wing in a cast?

(the 3 laugh)

Brittney: Bracer im... Im sorry. I should hae been your frend. Friends?

Bracer: Friends (fistbumps Brittney and they hiss in pain)

Snowstruck: Lets never do that again!

(the 3 laugh again)

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