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So, have you heard about that Violet's Coding Center place? Here is the story of me going there to babysit some kids.

Chapter 1: Out For a Snack

I was just hanging out, watching youtube when some lady called to ask me to babysit 2 5-year-olds named Joe and Emily and take them to this place called "Violet's Coding Center". I said yes, because I was bored as heck. They came over to my house in a few minutes, and the kids were so crazy, I thought they came from PetSmart. I took the kids over to Violet's before they got into my stuff, though.They told me all kinds of info about themselves. I walked into Violet's, and it was shocking.

I saw this elf handing out Chex Mix. Chex Mix is my favorite snack. We got in the long line, and we all got Chex Mix for 50¢ each! That is so cheap! Then, we all went to the Coding Center. I sat at this table by myself and listened to this purple cat yell out coding instructions. I made this cat dancing with a penguin on the computer. It was pretty cool, but I needed to find the kids. Near the snack bar, I saw a KEEP OUT door and a "Aquarium Area" door. I thought Hmm. Joe told me he liked fish, so he must be here! I opened the door, and I wished I could be a little kid again.

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