It was 30th October, 1987 and it was Halloween. My mum took me to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a re-opened pizzeria. I dressed in my Chica outfit that I bought from the costume shop - Chica was my favourite mascot when I was 7. When we got to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, we discovered that it was a special Halloween night. I had pepperoni pizza for my meal and had Freddy cupcakes for dessert. After eating, I ran to join the other kids' dancing in front of Freddy, Bonnie and Chica, who were singing a song about pizza. I was the most daring one and ran right up to the stage. A member of staff rushed to me and tugged me away, warning me to not touch any of the animatronics or they'll get angry. As soon as all the staff weren't looking, I climbed onto the stage and started to gaze. I tripped over my own feet and flew into Bonnie, knocking his guitar out of his hand and twisting his hand out of place. Bonnie opened his jaws wide, and I started to cry and jumped off the stage. A repairman was rushing in the door a few moments later and fixed Bonnie, but I was still scared because Bonnie was still giving me a look.

It was soon 9:00, and the pizzeria closed. Mum was just going, but I dropped my LET'S EAT!!! bib and went to pick it up. Mum rushed out of the pizzeria and the door was locked - but I was still inside! I tiptoed past the animatronics, abandoned on the stage, but they were staring at me. Chica stepped forward and I ran...all the way to the Office and I found the night guard, Mike Schmidt, looking at the camera.

"Hi, little girl...what the heck are you doing here?" Mike said. "I-I dropped my Chica bib, and my mum walked out of the pizzaria..." I started to weep. "It's OK, kid. You just have to - uh - survive...I mean, stay here till 6AM with me! Piece of cake." Mike gabbled.

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