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It was 1997, At Freddy Fazbears Pizza, I was with My girl friend Angela, enjoying some pizza, when suddenly the animatronics started to play a nice lovely song, but it started to get creepy fast, it started out as "hey kids wanna get dat pizza?" and repeated but it changed to "H-h-hey Kids wanna help us get dat help us please" and there artificial voice boxes started to crumble and crack with a terrible scream that felt like it went forever, but nearing the end it sounded like a kids voice box, and Freddy, Bonnie, Chica were screaming, bu foxy, he was calm about everything and didn't scream, but ran towards Angela and hid her in the kitchen, I banged on the door and everybody started to scream, then a golden version of Freddy started getting closer to me. As I banged on the door it broke down, and I found Angela unconscious having bonnie dash inside with what looked like Tator the waiter gaitor and candy the cat animatronic suits,

3 days later...

I found myself moving around and working for some random fat dudes with really large butts and I was not controlling me, and I saw 2 eye holes and a really long nose, and I realized that I was stuffed inside the Tator the waiter gaitor animatronic suit, I cried for help but nobody could hear my screams, my artificial voice box kept say,, "here you go sir" or "here you go madam" I couldn't believe what had happened to me,

5 hours later...

It was finally night time, I could move around, so I decided to go outside but as I got closer I noticed a laser beam, probably disabling animatronics if they went rouge outside, as I had flashbacks of the past I remembered there was a candy the cat suit and Angela aswell, so I ran as fast is I could to find the show stage, but they were all gone, cindy and candy, both gone, as I searched I cam across A security cam, but didn't give much attention to it and I kept searching for Angela and when I found her, she ran towards me and gave me a big, tight hug and we talked, she came up with the idea that the owners programmed the suits to be able to carry life to cut back on artificial costs, and that the managers programmed the animatronics to stuff us in a suit, we both agreed and swore revenge on the manager and all that worked here...


story made by thefredbear9000

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