The game case

Have you ever made a mistake and wished you could go back and change it? i have.

I had never played FNaF, and always wanted to buy it, but my mom wouldn't ever let me. she said it was too scary, and if i wanted it i needed to use my own money. one day i went to a garage sale, and saw a case for it. it said it was for PS2. the case was just a picture of freddy and sharpie writing. i looked close and saw at the bottom "DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!" i thought it was actually just a bravery trick and put it into my PS2. i loaded it up and the title screen just said "Continue: Night 0" and i clicked it. it said it was -12 o' clock. The office was like the ordinary office, only when you turn your head, it would be texturless purple and black, with only one door in the office, the right. I closed the door and it made the death sound, only very low pitched, then i clicked phone guy's call and it flashed a pixellated Golden Freddy face, and

The title screen

the phone call started the same, only the "O" in "hello" was ommitted, making it only "hell". then it made the same death sound as the door and cut to high pitched laughter of a little girl, then i checked the monitor. there was only one camera, called "CAM0" whats with all the 0s? i clicked Cam0 and i saw golden freddy sitting in a textureless room, but even though the room said "Camera Disabled, Audio Only". Golden freddy had realistic, bloodshot eyes, with blood all around them, and tears, stitched up, all over his body. then it went to the screen where it switched to the screen when it switches from 5:00 to 6:00 but then it went static and my PS2 shut down. then the picture of freddy on the case appeared, only with the features of the alternate golden freddy and yellow skin. Nothing was the same. Never.


I was seeing him everywhere, the bear. I tried to get away, but i spotted him out of the corner of my eyes everywhere. Maybe i shouldnt have bought that game, maybe that man at the garage sale wanted this. maybe ill die tonight. But why wait?


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