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This page is a joke page, which means it's not meant to be taken seriously at all. Joke pages are typically silly dumb ideas that'd never work or ideas that aren't meant to be taken seriously at all.

By:Nyan Kitty Kat

Doggy FatDog

Doggy loves to stare at you because you look yummy to her, like...A PIZZA OMG! She starts on the Show Stage, with BoobFush and BoobFrisky. Her path from there is Show Stage>Dining Area>East Hall>East Hall Corner>Men's Restroom>Women's Restroom>The Toilet.

BoobFush the Fish

BoobFush is a good guy. Only Doggy can make him evil. His jumpscare doesn't really kill you, it just tricks Doggy into thinking BoobFush is evil. It's him waving his fins around. He starts on the Show Stage with BoobFrisky and Doggy. He loves to look at you because everyone online ships User and BoobFush-and it's true! His path is Show Stage>Backstage>Dining Area>Supply Closet>West Hall>West Hall Corner>The Toilet. While he's doing that, he kicks out any animatronic in his path.

TrumpBear the Presidential Bear

TrumpBear is an animatronic made by Donald Tump, who says his famous quotes. He has a shiny red car that says "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" that he rides around in. TrumpBear starts in President Place. His jumpscare is all the quotes jumbled up with him flying at you.

Scribbled Up Doggy

Scribbled Up Doggy (or SUD) is a withered version of Doggy. He has a sort of torn up poster of himself that says, "Let's draw!" His jumpscare is a still image of his face.

BoobFrisky the Cat

BoobFrisky does not kill you unless you have boobs. He loves to sing, "I found some boobs" when he sees your boobs. Then, the power runs out. He starts on the Show Stage, with Doggy and BoobFush. His VERY fast path is Show Stage>East Hall>The Toilet.


There is a teaser with Doggy in it saying "Do you have any boobs?"

The Boob Prison

This is where it all takes place. It stole the Show Stage from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza 'cause the owner IS A CRIMINAL! How ironic! A criminal running a prison!

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