This is the 50 Years Later Storyline created by me(DefiantFazbear). If I failed at it this is my first wiki page(Note this happens in an alternate universe where FNaF 3 didn't happen but the other games did)

Story(Night One)

The story starts with Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy disabled in a corner in the new restaurant/gift shop Fazbear's Generations. The four original animatronics are rusted and highly damaged. The rust has turned them black and dark grey and destroyed most of their circuitry. Their replacements are Frankie Fazbear, Blake the Bunny, Charlie the Chicken and Faith the Pirate Foxy. Suddenly an employee walks into the Parts and Services room and Activates the four along with Fredbear and Mangle. They escape out the back and the Puppet reveals himself to the seven while mind controlling the employee. Then they wait 'till night to sneak back in and repair themselves. When night falls they sneak in but get caught by the nightguard Vincent Jr. aka Purple Guy's son. He grabbed a phone and called the cops but Mangle and the Puppet destroy the phone while the others move in to kill him. When they get to him he grabs an axe and defends himself but it is too late... The new models move in to and they kill Vincent Jr. but his soul over takes the restaurant and shuts it down. He then messes with wires inside the building mechanics and burns the place down but the Puppet saves everyone but the new models by sacrificing himself to save them. When the police get there all they find is the destroyed new models and a marionette mask... It is 12am when they find it. They also find the words "Begin Night Two" on the wall....


  • The story is set in nights(This is night one)
  • When the police find the building, It is 12am, The beginning of the nights in all 4 games
  • I got the idea from Fnaf 3(the phantoms)but I say the third game doesn't exists here.

    Puppet from "50 Years Later"

  • "Vincent" is what everyone call the Purple Guy
  • The new models were a reference to the toys in Fnaf 2
  • Vincent Jr. grabs an axe to defend himself like Pg did in Living Tombstone's song "Die In a Fire"

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