Awoken to a breeze, you shoot up from the ground to find yourself in a pitch black room. A spotlight sits in the center, illuminating a box. You stand up and slowly take steps towards it. The box gives off a strange aura, the closer you get, the more you feel as if you are being watched, though due to the sheer darkness of the room, you cannot tell if you're right. You get on your knees and stare down at the box, you notice it has two locks. Normally, one lock would be enough, what is so bad that this box requires two locks to open? This thought lingers in your mind for a while before you pass it off.

Despite that, you still need to find out where you are. So, you stand up once again and turn your head to the left, then to the right. As expected, nothing to be seen. Judging from the checkered floor, you seem to be inside a building of some sort, though the fact that you can feel a breeze, and the temperature of the place in general makes it seem like you are outside. Taking deep breaths, you lay on the ground and attempt to fall back asleep, this is probably some sort of nightmare, you tell yourself. However, when you fail to doze off, you sit up and stare at the box again.

The box, obviously, looks just as you left it. The two locks slightly moving in the wind. You pull yourself towards it and begin to fiddle about with the box's locks. Just as locks are supposed to do, they keep you from getting whatever is inside. Giving up, you lay on your back and stare up at where the spotlight is coming from, which is simply the ceiling. However, there appears to be no object that is giving off said light, as it appears to just form on the ceiling in a convenient way so that you may continue to see the box.

Sighing, you stand up and attempt to explore the room you have been placed in. If you cannot return to sleep, you cannot open the box with your hands, surely there must be a simple key or two in this room somewhere? You stand up and look around the place where the spotlight lands, exactly on the box, as usual. However, a small thought occurs to you, and you pick up the box once more. Strangely, the spotlight follows it. Silently cheering, you begin to use the spotlight as a source of light to find the key.

Using the box, you find that the room you are in does indeed have walls, meaning there must be some sort of open window somewhere letting the breeze in. However, you are not able to find the window, or a door of any sort, probably meaning the wind is coming through an open air vent. You stumble around with the box some more before almost tripping on an object. You notice a mechanical-like sound and recognize it instantly, a key!

You place the box next to you on the ground, as to not damage its contents, and pick up the key. Sitting down, you place the key in the right lock, with no response. Perhaps it was simply the wrong lock. Putting it in the other lock, your thoughts are indeed correct. The lock falls off with a clank, leaving one remaining on the box. You smile and put the key back on the ground, picking up the box again.

Just when you are about to resume walking, a monotone voice speaks in your head. "Perhaps some things are best left forgotten. For now." You look to your left, to see a door. It's quite obvious to you that this door was not there before, however, there is something oddly familiar about it. You stare at the door for a few moments longer, you ask yourself if you want to open it or not.

Open the door?

If yes, type CTRL + F DOOROPEN

If no, type CTRL + F DOORCLOSE


You just can't leave this door undiscovered. It feels similar to home for you, and you just have to go through it. You open the door and are met with a bright light, the sheer shock of it makes you drop the box on your foot, though you don't feel the pain.

A few moments later, you awake in your own bed. Looking around, you recognize this as your room. Everything is as you left it when you entered your slumber. Everything that had just occurred must have been a dream. You look outside and notice it's rather bright, meaning it's most likely morning. You open your door and proceed to your kitchen, where your breakfast awaits.


You can't bring yourself to open the door, you must deal with one mystery at a time. You look at the box and at the one remaining lock. You have come this far, why not run the extra length? Walking back towards the center of the room, you keep an eye on the ground for anything that may look or even feel like a key. However, your efforts are in vain. You search for what seems like hours before your body eventually can't handle the walking anymore. You sit on the ground, trying to regain your breath. This key could not be anywhere in this room, it was simply unfair. Then you realized something. Perhaps the key was not actually in this room. You look back up in the direction of the door, and you think to yourself for a quiet while.

Do you open the door?

If yes, type CTRL + F DOOROPEN

If no, type CTRL + F CONTINUE


You just can't go through the door, the key simply must be in this room. You place your hand around the box to pick it up again when you feel something at the bottom. Your heart races as you turn it over to find the key you've been looking for all this time. You cheer, this time not silently, and rip the key off the bottom of the box. Breathing deeply, you put the key inside the lock, and it fits. You return to the center of the room, as whatever is in this box could be quite big.

You turn the key in the lock, and it falls to the ground with a clank. Throwing it to your side, you lift up the lid of the box, ready to see the secrets that lie within. Your smile soon turns to confusion, and genuine disappointment when you find that it was not limitless wealth, or even a drop of water inside the box. Instead, it is a simple children's party hat. Sighing with annoyance, you look over the part hat more closely. It is green and red, how original. You continue to look it over with a while before giving up on your thought that anything interesting would happen, and you ready yourself to stand up.

However, you feel something on your right shoulder, something slightly heavy. Turning to it, you notice a rather large hand sitting there, with a strangely tight grip. Your heart races as you examine it closer. You notice the distinct color of the hand, noticing its light brown color. You gulp as you ready yourself for what could be behind you, what horror could be there. A simple voice calls on you.

"May I have my hat back?"


Story by Gaomon332