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This is a Fan-Made-Story I made on the FNAF Wiki. I decided to bring it here to! Enjoy!


Story (FINALLY!)

Me: This is the place Mom!

Mom: Ok. I will be back at 7:30.

Me: But it closes at 7:15!

Mom: Stay outside with a manager. Bye!

Me: Bye Mom!

- Walks inside -

Manager: Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria!

Me: Thanks!

-Walks into Party Room 2-

Toy Bonnie: He-he-hey kid!

Me: Uh...Hi?

Toy Bonnie: Want to play a ga-a-a-a-ame?

Me: Sure

Toy Bonnie: We ca-a-a-an  pla-a-ay tag!


- After playing tag, I head to Party Room 1 -

Me: That was weird....He seemed...Alive..

Toy Chica: Hi! I-I-I am Toy Chica!

Me: Nice you?

Toy Chica: Let's sing a song! To-o-o-gether!

Me and Chica: London Bridge is Falling Down Falling Down Falling Down

- After singing with Toy Chica, I head to the Main Hall-

Me: What is this? Parts and Service?

Manager: Stay away from there kid!

Me: Ok ok!

- After getting yelled at, I then head for the Game Room -

Me: Wow! This is the best place here so far!

BB: Hello the-e-e-ere! I'm Ba-a-a-alloon Boy!

Me: Nice to meet you! I am

-gets cut off-

BB: You seem special! Le-e-e-et me give you a special pre-e-e-esent!

- BB hands me a Shirt with the whole gang on it -

Me: Really! Thank you so much!

BB: Your we-e-e-elcome! Co-o-o-ome back here when you like!

Me: Wow! That was the only normal animatronic!

- I then walk to Kid's Cove -

Me: Aww...This is the little kid area...

Mangle: That is no-o--o-o-ot true! You a-a-are welcome here!

Me: Okie!

Mangle: Why don-n-n-n't you take a poster! You se-e-e-eem special!

- I take a Mangle poster and head to prize corner -

Me: Ohhh! I love that Puppet Plushie!

Puppet: You can wi-i-in it! You just ha-a-ave to play the game!

Me: What game?

Puppet: The Music Box Challenge!

- I get a person to face me in the challenge -

Me: I am going to win!

Kid: No I am!

Puppet: Ready...Set.....GO!

- I roll it faster and win -

Puppet: YAY!

- He pops out and hits the kid in the face -

Manager: Damn! Again?!

Puppet: Good joooooooooooooooo

- Puppet gets shut down for the day -

Me: Feel bad for him...

- I leave with the Puppet Plushie and head for the Show Stage -

Toy Freddy: Hey you Fre-e-e-eddy fans! Ready for a song?

Toy Chica: I know I am!

Toy Bonnie: It is the last one for the day!

Me: The moment I was waiting for!

Toy Freddy: This one is for the Elijah!

Elijah (Me): Wow! This is a good day!

BB: Balloons will be he-e-e-eld in the back!

Toy Freddy: Why don't you come up he-e-e-ere Elijah?

- I walk up to the stage -

Elijah: So what do I do?

Toy Chica: Sing a song!

Crowd: Elijah! Elijah! Elijah! Elijah!

Elijah: What song?

Toy Bonnie: Play the ra-a-a-adical song, Counting Stars!

- Sings Counting Stars -

Toy Freddy: That is it ki-i-i-ids! See you all tomorrow!

- I wait outside for my Mom -

BB: Elijah, come back soon!

Elijah: Why are you over here?

BB: Because, you are special...

Elijah: My Mom's here, bye!

BB: We will be waiting for your return.

-On the drive home -

Mom: How did you get all these things?

Elijah: They just gave it to me.

Mom: That's odd. They don't give these usually! This is worth a fortune!

Elijah: Well, I may go there again someday!

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