Completely inspired by A Few Suggestions, and, The Guestbook.

Story-ish Thing

Suggestion: Try to fix the animatronics, they have been acting weird lately.

Suggestion: Please stop fixing Toy Foxy, they are gonna do it again and again.. so why not stop now.

Suggestion: People are complaining about how some children suddenly went missing.. please stop this.

Suggestion: Can someone stop that stinking smell in the parts and service? It's driving me crazy.

Suggestion: More security, people are still complaining about the children going missing..

Suggestion: Fix the animatronics again please, They have been acting weird lately.

Suggestion: Please stop the old Freddy model from going outside, this has been a problem lately, and he always seems to go to prize corner, saying some sort of cryptic message.

Suggestion: Employees have figured out the "cryptic message" was saying "S-A-V-E-T-H-E-M", Please take care of this and see whats going on with Freddy.

Suggestion: At night lately the animatronics have been doing weird things.. BB has been setting whole birthday cakes around the place, and toy chica has been laying cupcakes everywhere, our employees have to clean it up every night.. please fix this.

Suggestion: snugg

Suggestion: Please hug toy bonnie 1000 times, he has been depressed lately.

Suggestion: I heard screams last night, Find the cause of this.

Suggestion: Find Vincent please, he's been bothering me lately and has been laying around random metal objects everywhere.

Suggestion: I saw some empty golden suit move last night, It wasn't that golden freddy one, though, Try to find this suit and try to find out where it came from.

Suggestion: Lately some strange noises have been heard from the office, Sounds like groaning or something.

Suggestion: i like to shake dat fazbooteh

Suggestion: Ignore the last suggestion, That was nothing.

Suggestion: A bloody metal knife was found on the show stage last night, I know this is Vincent.. talk to him about this, If he does not talk, I will fire him.

Suggestion: A crying child was seen near prize corner today, and every one left suddenly.. and the animatronics deactivated.. investigate this.

Suggestion: WHY ARE none oF YOU DOING WHAT I SAY?!

Suggestion: More suggestions will be added soon.

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