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A Few Nights at Bearmouth is the upcoming sequal to Five Night's At Fredbear's Remains.


A few years after the horrible fire from the previous restraunt, someone decided to open a brand new Pizzeria. However, it's a completely different one. It starts of fun and games at first, but later on, there will be more and more troubles. However, the animatronics are the least of your problems. 



The main antagonist of the game. He is only active on nights 3 to 5. Is one of the most dangerous animatronics in the game.

Toy Fred

Toy fred is the first animatronic to become active. He appears to be a toy version of FRED, and has a snout similar to Toy Bonnie.

Toy Sullivan

Toy Sullivan is another toy animatronic in the game. He looks similar to Vandal, which could hint that Vandal's name is Sullivan. He is the third animatronic you see.

More info coming soon.

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