A Few Nights at a Pizzeria Chain
By Seaviper

A soon-to-be-coming-fanfiction by me. If you want your OC to be in it, ask below, and I will most likely say yes.


After getting fired from your previous job, you seek out a place that has a simple job and pays well. After seeing a article in a newspaper about Draco's Family Pizzeria looking for a nightgaurd, you head there and get hired. When you first night you start working, everything seems fine and normal. However, as you stay for another night, things seem to get...stranger. Not normal. Creepy. Paranormal. Soon, what you thought was a simple job was not-so-simple after all...

The setting takes place in the year 1986, in July. YOU are the nightgaurd, trying to survive to 6 am in order to get some cash. At the same time, what seemed like harmless, friendly animatronics are acually brutal killers, and trying to stuff you in a suit, the same way how the children who haunt these animatronics died. This was a Pizzeria Chain based off of Fredbear's Family Diner.

Characters used



Balloon Lass


Nightgaurd: YOU

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