A New Light Part 1

Just an old short story I found explaining the story of Lindsay fixing the Toy animatronics, nothing too big or fancy. Just a nice short story. Enjoy!

Plot: Lindsay and the Cutting Crew are celebrating Freddy's birthday, and everyone is happy! Well....almost everyone...

Lindsay: How's the cake coming, Chef?

Chef: Perfect! Blood, Madame Kingsland?

Lindsay: *hands him the blood* Fresh blood!

Fozie: Looks great, Moustache. Did Redhead help?

Lindsay: Moustache? That's the best nickname you can come up with?..

Fozie: What do you know, Redhead?!

Chef: Guys. Cake is ready.

Meredith: Looks lovely, guys! Great job.

Jack: Yeah, I want a slice! *slices a small sliver and takes the whole cake*

Chef: *slaps him* Jack. Come on. Let us take this to Freddy!

Lindsay: I'll take some to Parts/Services. I think they would like this..

Chef: I'll go with you. You guys take the rest!

Sodapop: Let's roll! *revves wheels*

.*Fozie and Jack jump on Sodapop as he's driving off, with Meredith flying behind them*

Chef: Let's move.

Lindsay: Right! So....who's in Parts/Services anyway? 

Chef: The scrapped Toy animatronics, a few nice endoskeletons, and an unfinished remodel of myself that will probably want to kill us.

Lindsay: Oh, oka-WAIT, WHAT!?

Chef: Relax, we will be fine....just take your gun.

Lindsay: I never leave home without it....*sighs and starts loading it*

.*Chef and Lindsay walk backstage into Parts/Services*

Chef: You think they'll like this cake?

Lindsay: Considering they have been stuck in this dark room all day, I think this'll be a nice suprise....

Chef: True....Well, there he is....*Top Chef is leaned against a wall*

Lindsay: Oh my.....that's an animatronic?

Chef: Yes....I was going to be replaced, but then The Cutting Crew came along and thus I'm still here.

Lindsay: Should we give him some cake?

Chef: Sure....your funeral, though...

Lindsay: *nervously sets a slice down for him* Hey fella.....Do you like cake?

Top Chef: *Eye lights up* ........HUMANHUMANHUMANHUMAN-*repeats and grabs Lindsay's neck*

Lindsay: *grabs gun and shoots his eye, knocking him against a wall*

Chef: Run! *runs further into the dark room with Lindsay and hides behind endoskeletons*

 Lindsay: Are we safe!? 

Chef: I assume....

???: Relax, he won't find you here....

.*Lindsay and Chef turn to see Toy Freddy, Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, and Mangle behind them*

Chef: Greetings...

Lindsay: We have cake!

Toy Bonnie: Really? Oh gosh, thanks you guys! Who are you two, anyway?

Chef: I'm the Chef, and this is my human partner, Lindsay.

Toy Chica: Nice to meet you two...I've heard of you guys. Though I've never seen you two in person...You're very pretty, Lindsay....

Lindsay: Oh, are you....but what happened to your waist?

Toy Chica: *missing half her torso* Oh, that Chef thing has activated more than once....

Toy Freddy: He sees everyone as uncut meat....and that's against his programming.....

Lindsay: You guys look terrible....I'm sorry your restaurant was taken from you...

Mangle: *radio static* Yo....u.r......n.i....ce....Li...n...d.s...a...y....

Lindsay: *looks at Mangle's voice box*'re bent up bad....Those people must've hurt you.....


Toy Chica: All of us were hurt.....once abandoned....

Lindsay: Well, that's what the old models felt like...No one deserves to live like this. I'm going to fix you all.

Mangle: Re...all.....y?!.......Tha....nk....yo-*radio static*

Toy Bonnie: I can't wait!

Toy Chica: You can fix my eyes and beak!


Toy Freddy: We can't ever thank you enough.....But what use will we have? We'll still be broken down old junk....

Chef: Don't you say that! Maybe you can help us around the restaurant. You know, cooking, fixing, even some performing...

Toy Bonnie: Gosh, that sounds great....but how will we ever convince management to let us do that?

Lindsay: Leave that to me. I have a way of convincing people....*loads gun and walks out of Parts/Services*

Chef: Ok then....So. Let's fix you guys up.



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