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A New Light Part 2

Just Part 2 of a nice short story I wrote....

Plot: Lindsay and Chef are fixing the broken Toys! But something really wants destruction....and it will stop at nothing to get it.

Chef: So. Let's fix you guys up.

Mangle: We.....r...e..a........l......l...y.....l-l-l-like what your.....doi-doing......

 Toy Bonnie: Mangle is right; we appreciate you guys helping us out. 

Chef: It's okay....should we fix Top Chef?

Toy Chica: If you can get near him, sure. And just a warning....he can crush an endoskeleton head with ease....

Chef: So, no on that. What should we fix?

Toy Chica: Our bodies.....but don't add my eyes and beak back. I was told by Freddy that I looked great without it! Something about him wanting to see everything about-

Chef: La la la la, don't want to hear.....Mangle, we should definitely fix your voice box....but it's going to be hard to call you Mangle after you're's your identity, you know?

Chef: Okay, then! Toy need anything specific fixed?

Toy Bonnie: I wish I had my left leg and my right ear back. Other than that, I'm just happy you brought cake!

Chef: *smiles* Alright, Toy Freddy? Anything bad?

Toy Freddy: I wish I had my face fixed. They dent it by throwing me into a wall...

Chef: Okie dokie..onto a lighter topic.....say, remember the Puppet and BB?

Toy Chica: Oh, yeah! How are they doing?

Chef: BB is still hated, but we are learning to accept him! And the Puppet has a little plushie now, but other than that, he's normal.


Top Chef: HUMANHUMANHUMANHUMAN......*searches for Chef and the Toys*

Toy Chica: *grabs Chef's shoulder and pushes him down*

Chef: Thanks....

Toy Chica: Us animatronics have to stick together...


Lindsay: *walks into Office and sees the manager* Hello, Mr. Gilmore? Yes, I'd like to request something...

Gilmore: This had better not be about that archery range, Lindsay....

Lindsay: I made a makeshift one. Anyway, I'm asking if I can repair the Toy animatronics and use them for maintenance. You know, have them serve food, move things, et cetera....

Gilmore: That sounds good on paper, Ms. Kingsland, but I am afraid we don't have the funds to repair them.

 Lindsay: Please? I can fix them for next to nothing!

 Gilmore: The Toys were malfunctioning, Ms. Kingsland. If you could repair them when our best couldn't, I will give you a raise and allow that gun range you wanted.

Lindsay: ....Sign this, sir. *sets paper on table* If I don't, you can dock my pay.

Gilmore: *sighs* Lindsay Eliza Kingsland....

Lindsay: Sir. Please.

.*Gilmore nervously eyes the document, and then sighs again and signs it. Lindsay runs out of the room and back inside Parts/Services.*

Lindsay: Guys! I'm ba-...Oh my lord....

Top Chef: *slams Toy Chica up against a wall and grabs a cleaver*

Lindsay: Hang in there, Chicky! *runs at Top Chef* EAT. MORE. BEEF! *knees Top Chef in the eye*

Top Chef: R-AgHHHHhGaahHHUMANHUMANHUMAN! *swings cleaver and barely misses Chef*

Chef: *shoves cleaver into Top Chef's one eye and runs back behind the endoskeletons with Lindsay and Toy Chica while he is staggering back*


Toy Chica: Thank much..

Lindsay: Let's just get you guys fixed, okay?

Toy Bonnie: I can't wait!

Lindsay: Where's your parts?

 Toy Bonnie:....Oh....about that....*points to a box on the other side of the room, guarded by Top Chef*

Lindsay: Oooh, screw you.

Toy Bonnie: Sorry! We tried to fix ourselves, but Mangle got selfish with the parts! arm.....

Lindsay: *gulp* Here we go...*runs for the box*

Top Chef: HUMANHUMAN! *knocks her into a wall*

Mangle: *climbs wall and reaches for the box*

Toy Chica: C'mon Mangle....hurry.....

Lindsay: *Top Chef looms over her* Ummm....I guess it wouldn't help if I said I was a friend of your brother?

Toy Freddy: Lindsay! We have the parts! 

Lindsay: Ah, nice catching up, friend...*kisses Top Chef and runs*

Top Chef: HUMANHUMANHUMANHUMAN! *chases Lindsay, Chef, and the Toys out of Parts/Services*

Chef: Let's begin with the fixing...

.*Lindsay screws in the animatronic's parts, adds and removes wires from their systems, and fixes their costumes. Fozie and Meredith walk into the Kitchen and see Lindsay fixing them.

 Meredith: Hey Lindsay, what took you so long? Are those the Toys? What are they doing out? What's-

Lindsay: Meredith, girlfriend, I'd love to play 20 questions with you, but I fixed these people and I'm tired...

Toy Chica: *moves legs and arms* Thank you so much! I feel great!

Mangle: Yea...Tha...nk...s....Mis..s...Lin..dsay....

Lindsay: It's my honor, I get something out of this, too. *walks to Office* Oooooh, Mr.Glimoooooore! Look at what I fiiiixed!


Enjoy the story!

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