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A Night of Freddy's Abandonded Pizzaria (or ANOFAP (oh god)) is a mini-sequel to Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and prequel to Five Nights at Freddy's (3).


The game plays the same as Five Nights at Freddy's 2, but there is now a maintenance panel with Camera Devices and Flashlight Battery to be rebooted. The mask and cameras return aswell.


Most animatronics are returning animatronics.


Springtrap is the main antagonist of the game, running around every room except the Party Rooms and Vents. He's fooled by the mask.

Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy returns with the same second game appearance. His head randomly appears on camera when he appears in the hallway. You must flash your flashlight at him. If you fail at it, he'll jumpscare you and disable your devices. He's not fooled by the mask at all.


All cameras from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 return, except from Prize Corner.

Easter Eggs

  • Shadow Freddy can appear in the Parts and Services, errors your Camera Devices if stared at for too long.
  • Shadow Bonnie can appear in the Office, and slowly fades away to error your Flashlight Battery.
  • Some animatronics can be seen deactivated on certain cameras. They won't activate.


Night 1

Night 1 is a hard night due to a short amount of nights. Springtrap runs through rooms at a fairly decent speed (takes him about 3 secs to move to one room if unwatched and 8 secs to more to one room if watched.) and Golden Freddy appears a fine amount of times. The night is probably going to take you a few tries before nailing it. Shadow Animatronics are very rare, only appearing 1 in every 50 times you pull up/down the camera. Beating this night rewards you with a star.

Night 2

Night 2 is the Night 6 of this game, animatronics are harder than the previous night. Shadow Animatronics are common on this night, making them a must avoid. Golden Freddy will appear alot. Beating this night rewards you with a star.

Custom Night

Custom Night is the ol' custom night we know and love. You can change the level for Springtrap, Golden Freddy, Shadow Freddy, Shadow Bonnie and Errors. There are presets (tba) that award you with plushies or a star.


  • For some odd reason, Springtrap in this game has his appearance from the third game (which has Purple Guy in it) but his appearance remains the same in this game, which is odd since Purple Guy hasn't died inside Springtrap yet.