The fifth chapter of A Story at Fierce's Foods is where stuff really starts happening.


  • Berecha
  • Crabby
  • Drake (Mentionned)
  • Michael
  • Drago (Mentionned)
  • AnimaProto
  • GiantProto
  • Employees
  • Angry Dog
  • Bodhi
  • WheelProto (Mentionned)


Berecha was watching Crabby selling plushes in a crowd. There were little to no Drake and Michael plushies, they're so popular. In contrast, there was too much Drago plushies because no one buys them.

Berecha and the others had no idea something horrible would happen today...

AnimaProto sneaked away until he reached the Back Door, and exited the building. He looked around for "interesting things"... He eventually found a sleeping dog at the main entrance. There was a bone in front of it.

However, GiantProto caught him. He tried to tell the employees that AnimaProto sneaked away but they wouldn't listen, beign busy with their discussions and plans.

Meanwhile, AnimaProto concluded the dog would be mad if someone took his bone. He had an idea...

Meanwhile, Crabby just finished selling a plush of himself. He looked around to see who would be the next buyer. No one seemed interested so he told a story about his "past" instead.

Suddenly, one of the windows in the Dragon Stage shattered! Crabby then got hit with a strange white object, which he grabbed. He didn't have the time to turn around to see a very angry dog charging at him!

People watched in shock as the dog teared Crabby to pieces. Even Bodhi and Michael turned around to watch the "murder". The police eventually came and stopped the dog, but Crabby was alreadly not much else then a pile of metal.

GiantProto then walked in. Most people were confused at who was he; Fierce's Foods veterans assumed he was related to WheelProto somehow. The giant proceeded to do basic repairs to Crabby, until he looked roughly like what he used to be. One of the pincers were completely trashed, through. Surprisingly, some of the more fragile parts like the eyes seemed to be mostly intact.

The employees then took Crabby and moved him to the repairs. What will happen to him?

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