The sixth chapter of A Story at Fierce's Foods reveals that the virus was actually discovered before the events of Several Nights at Fierce's: Infection.


  • Berecha
  • Crabby
  • Samuel
  • Various Employees
  • VirusProto
  • Bodhi (Mentionned)
  • Michael (Mentionned)


A few days passed since Crabby's "death". Berecha was just walking around in the office. She kept a close eye at AnimaProto, considering how suspicious he has been acting. She was accompagnied by Samuel, who just did taxes stuff. A mechanic then calls him along with the other employees.

He shows a programming files, which seem filled with strange folders. The mechanic says Crabby was, somehow, infected with some sort of virus. One man asks if it wasn't just his data glitching up, but the employee mentions it's also present in VirusProto and just about any machine he can find.

Someone wonders if VirusProto was named for another reason then his virus-like look...The other employees ask him what he was created for. He replies, saying that he was creating to have as much limbs as possible.

Samuel asks what does the virus do. The mechanic says it's not very clear; VirusProto clears this up by saying they get aggresive when someone is alone. Berecha now understands why Michael and Bodhi were so insisting about beign with another person.

However, someone realises something. Why did the virus only appear now? One man theorises that someone put it in the arcades to infect the restaurant, while another believes it was inside the prototypes.

One of the older employees then mentions Bodhi and Michael, as well as the prototypes, came from an earlier Fierce's Foods. He mentions that Bodhi and Michael were separated from them at one point. This also explains why they weren't moved in along with Bodhi and Michael from the start.

But another question remains. Where did it come from? Who made it? And why? No one seems to know. It must be someone who hates Fierce's Foods...or maybe it didn't get there intentionally?

Berecha, from her side, is pretty sure AnimaProto is at least related to the virus. He's just so suspiscious...

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