The first chapter of A Story at Fierce's Foods is an introduction to Fierce's Foods, as well as the main character.


All of the characters here are introduced in this chapter.

  • Berecha
  • Christopher (Technically Mentionned)
  • Emily (Technically Mentionned)
  • Samuel
  • Drake the Fire Dragon (Mentionned)
  • Crabby the Crab (Mentionned)
  • Drew the Water Dragon (Alluded to)
  • Drago the Forest Dragon (Alluded to)


A young girl stands in front of a large restaurant named Fierce's Foods. This girl, Berecha, stares at it. Behind her is a man, presumately her father. Most of her friends think she often takes risks, but she denies this.

Berecha doesn't makes many friends, but when she does, they're close friends. But they often end up having to separate because of various reasons.

Christopher, one of them, to have disappeared out of nowhere. Even his parents don't know what became of him. She was probably her best male friend. He was a pretty tall boy, towering above others of his age. He was pretty guillibe.

Now, her best friend is probably Emily. Unlike Berecha, she is very careful about dangers. She, like Christopher, is pretty naive, but believes more in rumors, unlike Christopher who usually followed people around.

Berecha does not have a big family. Her mother and her father both spend most of thier times at thier job. She doesn't haves any siblings, and she sometimes has to skip school. She has a pretty close bond with her father, who works at the restaurant mentionned before, and thus often goes there to eat.

Fierce's Foods is a restaurant with many animatronics. Ranging from Drake the Dragon to Crabby the Crab, there's a "character for everyone". But both her father and herself don't really believe that. There's only 6 animatronics, and three of them are the same dragons, just recolored and with a different personallity.

At first, Berecha was afraid of Fierce's Foods, and you can't really blame her. There are lots of restaurant with animatronics and many of them are known to have dangerous animatronics that do things like stuffing people into suits.

But now, going to Fierce's Foods is like a normal thing. The animatronics can't really harm people, they don't have jaws and the dragon's claws are not sharp. Only Crabby could harm people, but he's always holding plushies so he can't.

Her and Samuel go to Fierce's Foods. What they don't know is that something will change today...

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