The fourth chapter of ASaFF talks about the animatronic having strange errors.


No characters are introduced here.

  • Berecha
  • WheelProto
  • AnimaProto
  • GiantProto (Alluded to)
  • VirusProto (Alluded to)
  • Emily
  • Bodhi the Blob
  • Michael the Minion
  • Drake the Dragon (Alluded to)
  • Drew the Dragon (Alluded to)
  • Drago the Dragon (Alluded to)
  • Crabby the Crab (Alluded to)


A few days passed since Berecha's meeting with the prototypes. She has noticed several changes ever since they were moved here. Some are normal, while most others are very strange.

First of all, they didn't hide WheelProto very well. They put it in the corner of the hallway leading to the Arcades. He obviously got some attention and became sort of a character. The staff didn't mind it much.

Meanwhile, Berecha's best friend, Emily, started to get a bit less afraid of Fierce's Foods. She found Bodhi very cute. Michael and the dragons were also pretty cute to her.

However, Berecha and Emily noticed the animatronics have been acting...different. Bodhi and Michael keep insisting that people should always be with another person, and seem to almost flee when only 1 person is in the Playroom.

The animatronics in general are also a bit twitchy. Emily assumes it's because of age. Berecha, however, claims that they're currently in top condition.

These twitches are not only noticed by the girls. The employees also notice them, and they're currently unsure what exactly are causing them. They've been trying to fix them but none of the current ways work.

Berecha is also very suspicious about AnimaProto. She's been noticing it lurking in places it really shouldn't be. The prototype seems to keep staring at kids and seem to slowly approach them when they're alone. Is it just trying to entertain kids, or does it have more sinister intentions?

Samuel is also pretty skeptical about the robot. He often talks about how AnimaProto has always been pretty weird and overall buggy. Apparently he sneaked outside the restaurant sometimes and came back with things like dirt, stones, and so on. The machine does not seem to know what a kid is, as well...

Overall, it's pretty clear something is up. Is it related to the moving of the prototypes or not?

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