The second chapter of A Story at Fierce's Foods introduces the animatronics as well as Fierce's Foods's general interior.


Characters in bold are introduced in this chapter. Mentionned and alluded characters from previous chapters are considered introduced when they appear for real. Random people are not in this list.

  • Berecha
  • Bodhi the Blob
  • Michael the Minion
  • Drake the Fire Dragon
  • Drew the Water Dragon
  • Drago the Forest Dragon
  • Crabby the Crab
  • Samuel


Berecha enters a room with many dining tables, appropriately named the Dining Room. Aside from eating, there isn't much to do here; it's just a normal restaurant. Fortunately, it is close to the main attractions.

At the right of the Dining Room, you can find Drake, Drew and Drago. They're pretty popular among young kids, but despite them beign the mascot, they're not very popular. They're all recolors. People also consider them to be less funny than Bodhi and Michael.

Bodhi and Michael are the main attractions and the original Fierce's Foods animatronics before the dragons and the crab. They're found in the Playroom, which is north of the Dining Room. The playroom is different from the other rooms, with many pillows for comfort, a large carpet for the floor and so on. People wonder if they will ever make a show successful, they always start "fighting" after a while.

North of the dragon's rooms and right of the Playroom, you can find the Central Room. It is also a very popular location, mainly because of Crabby the Crab, the local character, who is liked by teenagers because he is the "scariest character". When people do "bad behavior" around him, he calls them out and may even turn his eyes black with red pupils depending on the intensity of the behaviour.

Berecha decides to go see the dragons today. It doesn't takes long before Drake breathes confetti on the spectators, complete with the honk noise. In her opinion, Drake's confetti fire is one of the funnest parts of the Dragon show. Drake then wonders if they can fly.

Drew kicks in by showing she's sure they can, so she jumps high and pops a blue balloon. Drake tells her she only jumped high, so she gets mad and pops another balloon. Drago points out she still haven't flyed, so Drew pops YET another balloon. She then gives up.

It ends with Drago telling the others it's time for a race. Drake then whispers something to Drew who agrees. They start the race, but Drew and Drake are clearly doing no effort to win while Drago finishes quickly. Drago then gets angry.

Drake, Drew and Drago then start talking about rumors. They talk of various recent myths, for example the Loch Ness Monster. Drago often denies them, while Drake is convinced of thier existence.

Berecha decides to leave there. Samuel calls her from another room, wanting to show her something. She goes there, of course.

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