A Story at Fierce's Foods's seventh chapter focuses around The Doll, and shows the Skeletons from the third game too.


Characters in bold are introduced in this chapter.

  • Berecha
  • GiantProto
  • The Doll
  • Jet (implied)
  • Inky (implied)
  • Somber (implied)
  • Sable (implied)
  • Obscure (implied)
  • Charcoal
  • Ebony (implied)
  • Onyx (implied)


Berecha is walking around in the Storage room. GiantProto is sitting in the corner but he isn't doing anything. However, Berecha is interested by The Doll, which is sitting in another corner. What is it's purpose, exactly? Why is it here?

Berecha proceeds to touch it; it's soft but she wouldn't sleep with it. The exterior of the suit is disturbingly skin-like; she can clearly feel something solid inside of The Doll...but what?

The girl gets scared when she hears a voice telling her to back away. She looks around, but doesn't sees anyone. She proceeds to continue inspecting The Doll. The holes inside reveal She hopes it's just that the inside is red. She proceeds to try to take it's head off.

The Doll, however, proceeds to float up! Red pupils slowly appear in the plush's eyes. This is clearly not a normal plush! As if that wasn't enough, it seems clearly "alive".

"Are you curious? Don't get too curious. You will only find out something you do not want to know."

To the Doll's surprise, Berecha doesn't seems too scared. She pulls the plaything to her, but that seems to have made it angry.

When Berecha turned around, she found a very scary...THING behind her. It was a black skeleton with red eyes. It, for some reason, reminded her of Michael...

In another direction, a creepy skeleton version of Bodhi appeared. Soon, the woman was surrounded by distorsted version of Fierce, the prototypes and The Doll. She knew she wasn't safe here, and proceeded to run through the black Michael and out of the room.

Berecha decided that she will never try inspecting that thing again. Her searches didn't really help her figure out who is The Doll, infact it only made it more mysterious.

She turned around, and found the "Creepy GiantProto" staring at her for a few seconds, as if it knew her somehow... Berecha asked it if it had a name, and it replied "Charcoal".

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