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Frisky and Fush belong to SpringThing14

Scratch Cat: Me hungry!

Tic checks the fridge

Tic: Why don't we eat... ICE? WE CAN'T EAT THAT!

Tac:We can't eat tic tacs either!

Toc: Alexa, where is the nearest restaurant?

Alexa: There is a McDonalds some where

100 hours later...

Donald Trump: What would you like to order?

Scratch Cat: Friskies!

Frisky: HECK NO!

Scratch Cat: Well then, fish sticks!

Gobo and Fush: HECK NO!

Tic: Just some lemonade.

Tac: Apple slices!

Toc: Fish sticks, too!

Gobo shakes his head and sits with Frisky and Fush

Scratch Cat: Why do they sell rubber duckies that look like that guy?

Tic: Where's Gobo?

Gobo: At Frisky's table!

Tac: I got a My Pal Scout!

Scratch Cat: Me want!

Toc: Happy meals must suck.

Gobo: So, guys, I am in the Aquarium Area in Scratch Fat Cat's Coding Center.

Fush: I am in Fush's Beach at Frisky's.

Frisky: I got steak!

Scratch Cat: DAA DAA DAA

Tic: Shut up!

Tac kisses Trump

Trump: You're banned from America

Toc: OMG no!

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