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I do not own Frisky or Corny

Scratch Cat is on his computer.

Tic: What are you looking up?

Scratch Cat: Nothing (he's looking up a huge list of cuss words)

Tic: I know you're lying.

Scratch Cat: Uh...the alphabet! (now he's on FaceBook)

Tic: LET ME SEE THAT COMPUTER! (snatches it away)

Tic:'re on FaceBook. (gives computer back)

On the computer...

sCat: Sup (this is Scratch Cat)

FryKat: Just on my laptop (this is Frisky)

sCat: Here's a cool link with all the cuss words! (This link is not real)

FryKat: Why are you posting this stuff, Scratch Cat? You're only 7.

sCat: Heres a cool song!

FryKat: I'm going to the dance. Be back!

REACT REMIX - Old Computers, Walkmans, Rotary Phones03:13

REACT REMIX - Old Computers, Walkmans, Rotary Phones


Scratch Cat leaves with Tic's iPod

He saw Corny somewhere, playing the All-New Super Video Game Trump Edition 2000 or something.

Scratch Cat: Have you seen-um-FryKat?

Corny: Who the heck is Fry Cat?

Scratch Cat: (rolls eyes) The guy going to the dance!

Corny: Go to his house bro

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