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Aaron Johnathan is the well known creator of many animatronic stage shows, including The Kingslayer Experience.

Created Shows

His created shows (besides Kingslayer Experience).

Mickey's Music Masters

This is a Band done for Disney. He still has the rights to it, along with Disney.

  • Members
    • Mickey Mouse (Lead Singer)
    • Minnie Mouse (Keyboard)
    • Goofy (Banjo)
    • Oswald (Drums)
    • Donald (Guitar)
    • Daisy (Vocalist)

The Swamp Strummers

Aaron's first band. He still has the rights.

  • Members
    • Froggo Starr (Parody of Ringo Starr, Drums)
    • Crocko Rocker (Banjo)
    • Arachy The Spider (Guitar)
    • Earle Turtle (Keyboard)
    • Munko Mole (Vocalist)

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