Abigail is an animatronic from Paul Penguin's Ice Cream Parlor or PPICP.


To add some variety PPICP thought about making an animatronic that told stories to the children, they also thought about making another area since the performers and people around the main area could be a nuisance to people trying to hear the stories. Later when they made a final deal with Fazbear Entertainment, Abigail was created along with Anne who would be in the same area as her and Peter who would play a piano in Paul's stage. More to be added later(or not)...


Abigail is a humanoid animatronic arctic owl. Her main color is white. Abigail has some custom feathers around her neck, wing-like hands, owl-like grey feet and a small pointy grey beak. Her eyes are like a flashlight, at first they are shut off but they turn on when she starts to tell a story. Her head is rounder compared to the other animatronics.


Most of the time Abigail is calm and collected but she gets pretty nervous when interrupted, insulted or picked on. She thinks she is more intelligent than the other animatronics at the location but gets pretty confused by simplified words or new slangs. Her best friend is Anne. She doesn't like loud noises.


Paul The Penguin

Is really annoyed by him, when the two talk they are likely to start a discussion and either Peter or Anne have to stop them. Strangely enough, Paul stopped discussing with her after the incident.

Peter The Penguin

Really dislikes his musics and will always comment about it at night when they aren't doing their jobs, much for his annoyance.

Anne The Arctic Fox

Her best and only friend, mostly because Anne doesn't get annoyed by her like the others and is friendly to everybody in the location.

Ike The Ice Cream Man

Never talked with him. She finds him creepy and tends to stay away from him when going away from her room.

Golden Paul

Unlike the others, she never saw him, but experienced some strange stuff, like some of her books being missing from their original place, sometimes hearing words out of nowhere and seeing some pages from her books flip themselves when they are left open(though she blames it on the air).


Credits to SpringThing14, Candy crush dude and Blueflame (Experiment).


  • One of her stories is about a kid who went missing after climbing a mountain.

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