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Abigail the Rabbit
Some attributes
First Rabbit/animatronic
Second Female suit
Third Shy
Other attributes
Fourth Violin player
Fifth Smart
Sixth Kind


Abigail is a white rabbit with pink ear insides. She wears a white blouse, a light blue sparkly jacket, a cyan skirt, a necklace of a black eighth note, and a purple bow with a star in the center. She usually carries her violin around.

Character Bio

Abigail is a fanon animatronic in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.

Social Life

Like the rest of the animatronics, a kid named Jenna was stuffed into her suit. Abigail is shy, as she hides from nearly everyone.


Overall: Abigail is actually quite shy, as she hides from nearly everyone.

Special Relationships

Holly the Fox: Abigail doesn't hide from her and she is the only one that Abigail can open up too, as she got time to know Holly more.

Ace the Mouse: He teases her so much, when Abigail sees him, she gets angry and starts getting mean.

Sapphire the Kitty: They are both friends, seeing that their both shy.

Pepperment the skunk: Abigail has a crush on him, but she is too shy to tell him. The same goes for Peppermint.



Debut: Left For Five Nights



  • Abigail was originally going to be named Sally. This was changed, however.
  • The chance of her running away is 99/100. The other 1/100 is the chance of her not running away.
  • Abigail speaks in a feminine, slightly childish Korean voice.

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