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"Singing is my specialty."
―Loading description.

Adventure Lily is the FNAF World equivalent of Lily Ladybird, a character from A Week at Pancake's, only appearing after Night 2. Since Night 2 doesn't exist, she is unavaliable.


Lily Ladybird has a mainly gray body. She has four arms and two legs totalling up to 6 limbs in total, and has some bright red ladybird wings on her back which do not allow her to fly, however she can still move them. She sports some large, black eyes with white pupils and her eyes are heaviliy reflective.


Cosmic Song
Damages all enemies multiple times.

Damages multiple enemies, and has a chance to stun them.

Regen Song
Heals the party overtime.


  • Lily's original from (A Week At Pancakes) was designed back in 2014.
  • Lily is so far the only character in the game that can use Mic Toss 2.

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