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"Do you like pancakes? Yeah we like pancakes!"
―Loading description.

Adventure Pancake is the FNAF World equivalent of Pancake the Panda, the main character from A Week at Pancake's (Yes the game is terrible, I know).


Pancake is a panda-based animatronic, with various parts being either black or white, usually depending on the neighboring colour. This method of colourization creates contrast between the body segments. Like other toy animatronics, Pancake has hot pink colored cheeks. She is carrying a plate of three pancakes stacked on top of each other, similar to how Chica carries her cupcake.


Pancake Share Heals the most damaged party member up to full health.
Armor Song
Temporarily increases the party's defense.
Hot Cheese 2
Puts 7 globs of hot cheese on the floor, doing massive damage-over-time to enemies.



  • Pancake's original from (A Week At Pancakes) was designed back in 2014.
  • This is the second page for Pancake. The first was probably deleted for horrible artistic skills and being a stub, both of which are true.
  • Pancake is so far the only character in the game that can use Pancake Share, similar to how only Bonnie can use Happy Jam, Phantom BB for Gloom Balloon and Toxic Balloon and Endoplush with Waterhose 2.
  • The loading screen caption is a reference to Parry Gripp's song Do You Like Waffles.

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