Character Bio

Aine is the first element to be created by Bracer to help balance out the male to female ratio in the park, unfortunately, the element ratio grew at a alarming rate, and Aine was the one to start it all.


She is mostly red, but has dark red dress and eyes. She has her fire emblem on her dress, she also has a hat resembling that of Exi's, but it is actually a mini volcano. (She should not be mistaken as a human, same goes with the other elements)

Screenshot 2015-10-07-19-33-12-1


She is a kind character who loves to have a laugh once in a while, but if angered or irritated, her eyes will glow dark red and smoke will start to come out of her volcano, if pushed beyond her limit, she will explode with anger, so does her volcano hat, so it's best not to anger, irritate, or upset Aine.



She treats the elements like her sisters, she will protect those who cannot protect themselves, like Aquamarine or Laser Heart, so if you are evil, you better hope Aine doesn't kill you.


Bracer - She values Bracer deeply because he was the one to create her and the other elements, so she is loyal to Bracer every step of the way.

Drillbit - He acts as a mentor to her, teaching her about her skills and tactic to help kill the guard, although it's crucial information, Aine just sleeps through them

Exi - These two have a great friendship going, these 2 would have fun throughout their day, having a great time and laugh!

Slicer - Aine and Slicer are great friends, Slicer would help Aine fire lava balls quicker and Aine helps Slicer withstand lava, what a risky friendship!

Sharder - Aine is always needing a fix whenever there is an accident, so Sharder is always there to fix Aine whenever she needs it

Hybrid #01 - Aine is actually terrified of Hybrid #01 because of how it was made, and it just sickness Aine to where she throws up lava.

Poltergeist - Aine is also scared of Poltergeist, it likes to scare her relentlessly, and Aine is kind of annoyed by it's behavior.

Itsy Bitsy - She has an ok relationship, why? Because she is made of fire and Isty Bitsy is an animatronic bug, fire and bugs don't mix.

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