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"Fredbear says: To the Halloween Update Backstage you go."
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Alex Bartman is a 24 year old human night guard, who often works shifts at Freddy's and the Inventory. He appears as an average-height, skinny male, with unkept brown hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. He wears a dark, orange-stripped T-shirt with blue jeans and shoes. He first appears in Five Nights At The Inventory.


Alex was born into a poor family, and often he was on the street. During this time, he got inspired from clubs to sing. He began a career, unsuccessfully, and used the night guard job as a supplement to what little acts he could get performing. He helped the Cutting Crew get back home during FNATInvent1, and he has been friends with them ever since. He now lives in an apartment, still working as a night guard/singer.


He is mostly pessimistic, but he seems happy and can be sociable around others. Calm, but close-minded.

Special Relations

Lindsay: Around her, he feels happier, so the two get along nicely.

Sangeruis: He is terrified of him; Sangeruis has never seemed to interact with him.

Merle: The two enjoy each other; Merle is only charitable to him.

Games He Appears In

-The guard in the second and first Inventory game.


-Alex mostly sings soul and other types of music like soul; he has done other stuff, though.

-The suit he was going to be stuffed in was Snare, signified by a quote from Lindsay in FNATInvent1.

-The reason for him coming back so many times for the job: Thrill. This is a theory as to why Mike comes back to work as well.

-In a scrapped trailer for FNATInvent2, Alex is seen with blood covering his eyes. This was to allude to a plot twist where Amity Kingsland was murdered by him as revenge at Lindsay for trying to kill him, but the trailer and plot twist were scrapped.


"Take your damn arrows with you to hell, Lindsay!" -When a camera is disabled

"Wait, where did Freddy go.....Alex, you scrub...."

"I feel like that cop two days from retirement when I work here...."

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