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"The systems are in need of rebooting."
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Alfred Sapient is one of the four main antagonists of Five Nights in the Museum and Five Nights at the Museum 2. He, along with The Fugga Knight and Marilyn, builds the Face of the Museum.

At they day he guides to people trough the Zoo Exhibition Room, but in the night he roams the halls of the Museum to kill the Night Guard.


Alfred is a brown coloured animatronic, with an light-brown snout and an black nose. His Ears have lost their stability and hang loosely from the animatronic head. He has the longest arms and legs of all the animatronics.

His body is very similar to the Fugga Knight, but with larger arms and legs.


First Game

Alfred starts with The Fugga Knight and Marilyn at the Central Hall. He immeadly starts as the first, and tries to go trough the west part of the Museum, to kill the night guard.

He moves faster than any other animatronic, he stays not long at the door, in the later nights he begins later, most when Marilyn left the room, to move.

Backstory =

He was invented during the 40s by Oswald R. Bowen, to help children who lost their parents in the cold war.


  • Altough the Doctor's Room is located in the West Hall, he cannot enter it.
  • In the Souvenir Room several chips bag with his name can be seen.

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