Amethyst the Kitten
Some attributes
First Animatronic cat/kitten
Second Female
Third Friendly (in the daytime)
Other attributes
Fourth Annoying/aggressive (in the nighttime)
Fifth Backup singer in the band & kid entertainer (day)
Sixth Night guard killer/trickster (night)
Amethyst the Kitten belongs to FunCookie. [Note: You can ship her with anyone or add her to a game, just please ask for my permission!]


Amethyst appears in the Five Nights at Freddy's game. She's a pink cat with a red tail and a multicoloured hair bow. Her eyes are blue and she has a red tongue sticking out of her mouth - it's unknown if it's Amethyst's own tongue or a decoration stuck onto her mouth. Amethyst gets replaced with Toy Amethyst a few years later. When Amethyst is damaged, her tongue is crumpled, one of her eyes are hanging off, her bow is torn, and one of her ears is torn right off while the other is torn in half and her tail is crumpled. Amethyst is mostly friendly and playful, but she is very aggressive at night - although, like Bonnie and Chica, she mostly just annoys the night guards by always moving around really early at nights, draining power.


Amethyst is a pink cat, made of real fur dyed pink. She has a long red furry tail with a blue bow tied to it. She has big blue eyes and a big smiley mouth that has a red tongue sticking out - it is still unknown whether it is her own or a plastic one, it's mostly theorized that it's her own tongue that stayed there while she got killed. Amethyst wears a bow that has a red centre and blue on either side. 

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