"....Go away. I don't know you...Are you a friend of my sister? If not, go away.."<\blockquote>

Amity Kingsland is a maid worker at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and obviously related to the rest of the Kingsland family. She is typically seen in her worker's outfit, a dark maroon uniform with a hood that can cover her face: A plaid skirt, black pants and maroon shoes.


Born in March 3rd, 1987, she was only a baby when her father, Jason Kingsland, was corrupted by The Manifestation to be abusive in an attempt to force her sister, Lindsay, to suicide. Ylviere Kingsland knew corrupted Jason would abuse Amity mercilessly, so the family kept the 3rd child a secret by keeping Amity in a basement for most of her childhood, passing her time with TV and video games.

Because of this, when her house burned down, she was scared of people because she barely knew anything about how to talk to and socialize with people: She didn't find any good work or home, only staying and working as a maid in a cut-rate hotel. She was paid in low aumounts of money, less than a night guard at Freddy's, but she didn't have to work the job for long: A Kingsland that owned a wealthy amusement park left money in Amity's name, so she moved out of the hotel and into a house, hoarding the money until she found her family.

First, she discovered Lindsay working at Freddy's, where she got introduced to the animatronics: She left Lindsay and Freddy's for fear of death, so she went and found Rosette, working into the CIA for the same goal Amity had: To reunite their family. So, they teamed up to find their mother, who was believed to be hiding in New York as a hentai/manga writer.

They walked in just in time: Ylviere was just about to commit suicide for the thought of never seeing her children again. But, the family was reunited, and with that all was well. Mostly; Lindsay did die in an attack by the Robot Kingdom in the Kingdoms Saga, so she had to stuff part of an endoskeleton into her.


Due to lack of social communication, Amity is very shy around new people, often only being able to talk with people when her hood covers her eyes. Amity takes after her sisters, however, and is very nice and determines when set on a goal.


  • Boni-Amity and Boni meet each other when Amity worked as a maid at Freddy's; Due to similiar personalities and abilities, they got along nicely. Amity had a small love interest in him, but it never would've worked, due to animatronic\human gaps.
  • Mad Jack-Before she ran out of the house, Amity saw Mad Jack as he was burning down the house, and knew what he was doing from the beginning. She idolizes him, as the hero who saved their family from their corrupted father.
  • Toy Lindsay-She likes her secretly, but she despises her too, for replacing her sister when the events of the first Five Nights At The Inventory game. She knows it wasn't on purpose, but she can't shake the hate off her.


-Was in a A Night In Paradise, as the deuteragonist, and playable in Five Nights At Freddy's: Reactivation as an unlockable character.


  • Amity and Rosette are said to drive a B-52 bomber that the CIA never uses in FNAF: Re, but somewhere between CC: AHATF and CCL, they were caught.
  • For her job at Freddy's, she bought a set of kunais to throw at animatronics: They barely work, or often times, they don't work the way they supposed to.
  • In a DLC for FNAF1, Amity can rarely be seen in the Supply Closet.
  • Was originally gonna die by Alex's hand in [[Five Nights At The Inventory 2|the second Inventory game], as revenge for Lindsay trying to kill him, but the idea was scrapped because I wanted to make this character broader.
  • In OC Adventures, Amity is even worse than Lindsay in terms of chastity, because of a 50 Shades of Grey book.
  • Her old character was just simply shy and not wanting to talk to people, but the creator made her a lot more interesting by adding a new event in the story.


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