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Animatronic Academy is a series of stories which the animatronics are in school, and are learning the essentials. The student animatronics are around 7-11.








The Puppet

Toy Freddy

Toy Bonnie

Toy Chica

"JJ"/Balloon Girl



Freddy - Smart, but is not good at learning fast.

Bonnie - Considerate and friendly, but gets carried away too fast.

Chica - A maths genius, but gets confused very quickly.

Foxy - Very hyper and happy, very rude.

BB - Cheerful and silly. Loves Balloon Girl.

The Puppet - Shy, but is happy to help anyone.

Toy Freddy - Usually silly, but otherwise is like Freddy.

Toy Bonnie - Agressive, but some-what loves Toy Chica.

Toy Chica - Sweet and caring, happy to help.

Balloon Girl - Care-free, expert at sports and dangerous activities, hates heights.

Plushtrap - Always positive, likes using himself as a distraction, and can be killed an infinite number of times with no negative effect.

Other characters

Springtrap (Main teacher)

Golden Freddy (Dangerous lessons)

Mangle (Health support)


Springtrap - Strict but often quiet.

Golden Freddy - Abusive but easy to understand, angry nearly all the time.

Mangle - Kind, pleased to help anyone injured.

Stories (In order)

Main Series

Fazbear's Bite

Chicas on Hype

Balloon Girl Arrival

Who let the Foxy out?

Setting up a Plushtrap

Moonlight Activity

Holiday Specials

Hallow there

Christmas Tree-t

Egg-celent hunt

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