Animatronic Asylum(AA for short)is a free-roam FNAF fangame set,despite the name,in an abandoned warehouse with offices in it.


You wake up at a desk in an abandoned warehouse.

"W-Where am I?"you wonder

Suddenly the phone rings

"Hello.My name is Aiden.I'm just going to tell you,that during your stay here you will meet some of my creations" says the man on the phone "Just remember that.So,yeah,that's basically it"

Deciding to listen to Aiden,you pick up your tablet and torch,ready to defend yourself against his "creations"


Volfe Volfe is a wolf animatronic and the first creation that you will meet.Aggresive,like the other animatronics.Should you come across him,run to the closest hiding spot.

Ova Ova is an owl,and the second creation you come across.First activated on Day 2.If you come across her,do not break eye contact and slowly back away until she walks away.

Carron Being a cat animatronic,Carron is the fastest and most agile of all 3 animatronics which means that if you see him,run into an office and hide under the desk,otherwise you're screwed.


Erin Brown The character you play as,stuck in an abandoned warehouse for 5 days.

Aiden Robertson The Phone Guy and creator of Volfe,Ova and Carron.Assumed to be a former worker of Fazbear Entertainment.

Remastered Edition

AA:Remastered is a remastered edition of Animatronic Asylum released in cutting-edge HD for Windows 10.


The introduction went through some changes,and this is the new version

Erin wakes up on the floor near a desk in an abandoned warehouse.He stands up.Suddenly the phone rings.

"Good evening.My name is Aiden Robertson.I called to tell you that during your stay here you will meet some of the animatronics I created.So,that's it."

Erin,deciding to listen to what Aiden said,picks up his tablet and flashlight,ready to defend himself against the animatronics.


Same as normal version but with some improved mechanics

Volfe When he notices you he will immediately take the closest route to you,so you have even less time to get to a hiding spot.

Ova If you break eye contact with her while backing away,she will teleport in front of you and jumpscare you straight away.

Carron When he sees you,he will immediately charge at you,so you better run straight away.

Game Mechanics

Tablet Used for checking the cameras in case there are animatronics.

Torch/Flashlight Used to brighten the hallways if checking for animatronics.

Phone Used only by Aiden,who uses it to inform Erin of oncoming dangers and challenges.

Hiding Spots Consisting of closets,desks and lockers(remastered edition only).Used to hide from Volfe and Carron.