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Sugar the Cat

Freddy Fazbear

Bonnie the Bunny

Chica the Chicken

Foxy the Pirate Fox


Toy Bonnie

Fredbear/Golden Freddy

Spring Bonnie/Springtrap

Mike Schmidt One of the few teachers

Jeremy Fitzgerald One of the few teachers

Purple Guy (I'll tell u why later) Principle

Fritz Smith/Phone Guy 1/Pink Guy Assistant Principle

Phone Guy 2 School Counselor

Phone Dude/Phone Guy 3 Nurse


Toy Chica

Toy Cupcake


Freddy (voice over):Well, school's back in session and no one seems to be ready for some strange reason. They seem to have forgot their equipment, like pencils, markers (dont ask), paper, e.t.c. But what REALLY suprises me is that Toy Bonnie (the teacher's pet since Pre-K) has fallen in love with the chick of the school, Toy Chica! (Coincidencially, " chick " is in her name.) AND SHE'S THE MOST SASSIEST, MOST PRETTIEST, MOST, MOST, UNPREPARED STUDENT IN ANIMATRONIC HIGH!!!!!!!! I wonder why everyone's acting like this. Maybe due to summer, they've gone braindead. But whatever it is, or WHO I'll find him/her/it. And when I do, I will tell the teacher and make sure he/she/it is caught and why he/she/it was doing that. And it's gonna bring pain. LOTS of pain! (Because I love school. I don't know why. Maybe because the teachers are so nice.) And it's gonna involve the education company, AND THE COPS!


Foxy:Yar, it's me, Foxy! And I be the narrator today! Now today, was quite crazy, and I REALLY wanna tell you about it. So let's roll!

pt. 1: Arithmetic Lunatics:


Foxy:So today, we started out with math class and actually, we have some lunatics. Check it!:

Jeremy Fitzgerald:Hello class, today we are going to going to start off with a review on-

Cupcake:* passes gas *

boys exept Jeremy:* laugh *

girls exept Spring Bonnie:*freak out and say " EW!!!!!!!!! " like a lunatic stuck on savage island *

Spring Bonnie:I <3 gas!

Jeremy:* facepalms *

Cupcake:Sorry. Chilli toots!

Jeremy:As I was saying, we're gonna do a review on partial quotients. You can call me Mr. Fitzgerald.

Toy Bonnie:* raises hand *

Mr. Fitzgerald:Yes Toy Bonnie?

Toy Bonnie:Ask me an addition question please!

Mr. Fitzgerald:What's 9+10?

Toy Bonnie:............21?!

every student:* laughs hard *

Bonnie:Hey Mr. Fitzgerald!





Puppet:Bruh, calm down. I'm tryin' to listen to mah bax heyo.

Jeremy:* breaks it *

Puppet:I have to go to the restroom.


Puppet:* goes into hallway and runs to the restroom crying *

Foxy:Lad, ye better apologize!

Jeremy:I won't apologize if I dun wanna!

Purple Guy:Bruh.

Jeremy:Purple Guy?! What the crap?! I'm tryin' to teach!

Purple Guy:I'm here to see why The Puppet was running down the hall to the restroom.

Mr. Fitzgerald:I uh........broke his box that keeps him sane?

Principal Purple:You know we don't break the stuff that belongs to other people! ESPECIALLY IF IT'S THE ONLY THING THAT KEEPS THEM SANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nurse Dude:Bruh what's goin' on in the hizzeh? I just heard Puppet sobbin' in da halls

Principal Purple:You're fired. Too many witnesses.

Mr. Fitzgerald:Ask the kids first!

Kids:* overhear * Yes!

Jeremy:Aw crud!

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