The Animatronic Kingdom is led by Phobe, and is comprised of a bunch of smart, and stupid animatronics. They are rivals with the Robot Kingdom, and are neutral with the Mask Kingdom.

These kingdoms compete for land, and territory, as well as the destruction of the other kingdoms, although they sometimes alliance to fight against stronger threats than each other. The most recent time they have teamed up is against the Cutting Crew.



Phobe is the ungrateful phoenix demon king ruler of the Animatronic Kingdom, although it seems Spanish. Phobe has an unknown gender, meaning it is an it, not a he or she. Phobe may or may not even know his own gender, sadly, that means it can not get a date. Phobe treats its subjects as unworthy, and not close to it's level of awesomeness. Phobe uses it's firestaff of death in combat, as well as an insanely heavy mace that Phobe drags along in combat. Phobe is also a phoenix, meaning it reincarnates.


Spam was Phobe's annoying puppet messager from the Mask Kingdom for a period of time. He also served as a very good jester. Spam gives Phobe some of the Mask Kingdom's gossip once in a while, as well as transporting information very quick. The only problem, is when he falls on his side. Then it's going to take a while.


Endoman is a brute machine of death to Phobe, without a brain. Basically a zombie to Phobe. Endoman gets the job done, and Phobe is quick to call on it/him/her to get any job requiring strength done. But recently, Endoman was killed in combat, and revived to be Qeety's mindless brute.


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