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NOTE: Credit to everyone for their OCs.

Animatronics Unite! is a 3D platformer made by UUnlockedMario. It is a parody of Nicktoons Unite!. It got a sequel called Animatronics Unite!: Battle for Volcano Island.


Purple Guy has teamed up with fanon villains. The animatronics now must stop them from taking over the universe. The hub world is the FNaF1 Freddy's.

Playable characters

  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Bonnie
  • Chica
  • Foxy
  • Holly the Fox (credit to FoxStar241)
  • The Puppet
  • Balloon Boy
  • Perry the Parrot


  1. 50712 (credit to Spy vs spy)
  2. Chuck E. Cheese (from many of UUnlockedMario's spin-offs)
  3. Caillou (from Five Nights at Chuck E. Cheese's)
  4. Spam (credit to TheVinnyLord)
  5. Wario-Man (from Five Nights at Wario's)
  6. Platinum Gem Freddy (credit to South Ferry)
  7. Flumpty Bumpty (from One Night at Flumpty's)
  8. Purple Guy
  9. All of the Villains (final boss)


  1. Pizza Springs
  2. Cupcake Grotto
  3. GoCity
  4. Poison Woods
  5. Wario's Fast Food Factory
  6. Drink Atoll
  7. New Dork City
  8. Nameofthecityisirrelevant City
  9. Fight Against the Villains (single-level world)


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