Note: This is not related in any way to the user, Animeterex.

Animeterex is a dragon that fights for the Cutting Crew. He is a large, white dragon with red eyes, wearing armor colored Cutting Crew colors(Red, Blue, White, Green).


He was made when The Seamstress got word of the Crew's demise by The Animatronic, Robot, and Mask Kingdoms. He flew Rosette to the site of the Crew's battle, to find all the animatronics and humans at the battle heavily injured and killed. Luckily, everyone was saved with Animeterex sustaining light damage, Lindsay healed, and then repaired the animatronics. Animeterex became the Crew's artillery and motivational support. He became sort of a symbol to the newly formed militia; A sort of heavenly figure of defending the greater good.


He never tries to kill the guard, but he will send a small mini dragon after you if you look at him too often. The only way to prevent this is to put on the Freddy Mask or close the doors. The dragon's jumpscare is lunging at you with an open jaw. It is possible to destroy this dragon using doors, to stop it and send it back. It is risky though, because it costs you precious power to close the doors.


He is very philosophical, and often thinks about life and it's meaning while not in battle. He is very bloodthirsty at times, mostly in battle, and is very motivational for Crew members.

Special Relations

Gold Foxy and Valerie- He often thinks of the bond between animatronic and human. He gets along with the two okay, though.

Sangeruis- The two seem to converse with and enjoy each other.

The Seamstress, Repear, and Machinist- They often discuss fates of animatronics, humans, and others, as all of them have supernatural ability.


A hallucination of the mini dragon can occur; this is a telltale for when you shouldn't look at Animeterex himself.

His dragon proxy, Rex, was made by System X as a gift of goodwill.


-In Animatololgy, Animeterex is the savior of good will and peace.

-He seems to have a desire for King Freddy's Dragon Katana.

-Animeterex is the second dragon on this wiki, next to Draco.

-Other animatronic dragons roam the Earth, waiting to be found and tamed. Animeterex is the father of most of these dragons, and some may be found in the future.

-His appearance is based Xemans's dragon form from Kingdom Hearts.


"The universe we know is a complex matrix....As we all try to figure the answer, everything and nothing happen all at once. Why us beings reside in a kid's animatronic pizzeria, we can only wonder. It is what the matrix wants." -An example of Animeterex's philosophical thoughts.

"For freedom, for laissez-faire, for goodwill to all! For the Cutting Crew! " -Animeterex in battle

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