Anne is an animatronic created by Shadowboy192.


When PPICP made their final deal with Fazbear Entertainment, they created three animatronics, Peter, Abigail and Anne. Anne was created to be a backup to Abigail like Peter is to Paul. She sometimes appears in Abigail's stage ice skating in the background and sometimes interacts with the former. She also gives children some free PPICP merchandise once in a month after Abigail tells a story. More to be added soon(or not)...


Anne is a humanoid(FNAF 1 styled) animatronic arctic fox. To contrast with Peter, who is small , she is one of the taller animatronics in the ice cream parlor. Most of her body is snow white but she has some gray colored parts, like her snout and belly. For accessories she wears a green scarf and green gloves, she also has ice skates in her feet that are part of her endoskeleton, which works like a remote car's wheels. She has cyan eyes and small but sharp teeth.


Unlike Abigail, she is more air headed and free aided. In short, she is in her own world when ice skating. Also, unlike Abigail, it's pretty hard for her to get mad. Apart from the differences, both are good friends. One of the only ways to get her mad is to make her friends mad.


Paul The Penguin

Doesn't talk with him very often. Most of the time just waves at him when going around the parlor. When they talk Paul always asks how she gets along so well with Abigail.

Peter The Polar Bear

Considers him a really good friend. Like Paul, she always supports him when he needs it(she actually enjoys his songs though).

Abigail The Arctic Owl

Her best friend. Always talks to her at night and helps with finding missing books children took in the day without she, Abigail or an employee noticing. She even tries to make Abigail become friends with Paul and Peter(and vice-versa), but always fails(still keeps trying whoever).

Ike The Ice Cream Man

Always tries to talk to him at night, while the others just give up after a few or only one try, but to no avail.

Golden Paul

Was the first one to see the yellow figure. When she talked about it to the other animatronics they thought she was crazy or something along these lines. However, Paul and Peter stopped to talk with her about it when the figure started appearing to them too.


Art by Blueflame (Experiment)


  • Also, like Peter, some children tend to call her ''Foxy ripoff''. Unlike Peter, though, she doesn't get mad, just a little down.
  • She is the last character created for SNAF.

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