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Anonymouse is an animatronic mouse that is an anonymous and independant mercenary. No ones knows who he is and what he wants, and no one has found out. Many others have been targeted by him, and in their meaningless attempts to stop him, have died. His true motives are unknown, and it is unlikely that anyone will ever know.


Anonymouse is an animatronic mouse. He wears black, a black hoodie, along with a black mouse-shaped mask that emits electronic lights. His robotic ears also poke out of his hood. He has blue shoes with red and white outlines. His hoodie has "Anonymouse" written on the front in neon purple. His right shoulder has a holographic shield attached to it. His left has a pixelated mouse head. On the back of his hoodie, there is binary code that when decoded is "00 13 14 13 24 12 14 20 18 04", which is decoded in numbers to letters as "Anonymouse".


Not much is known about Anonymouse, so it is expected that his personality is unclear. However in the field, he acts violently, without any sign of emotion. He could be considered a psychopath. Anonymouse's methods of killing are cruel, ending in death traps, torture, and other incredibly violent endings. So, he's a murderous jerk.


It is said that Anonymouse comes from a rough background, even from a small unknown country. No one knows jack about him anyways, so this really doesn't matter. He started appearing in small mercenary jobs in Russia. Or at least some nearby European country. Seriously, where do these guys come from? Working as a small time assassin, Anonymouse managed to take out some targets of value, scraping some coin for his own gear and stuff.

Fast foward to now.

He's in America. The targets here are plentiful, yet some are very high on the list. Guys like Pharrell. Some are hard to get. Anonymouse has managed over the years. (One day Will, one day.)

And now.

He's out to get you. Because in Russia, something reversed is bound to happen. (Er, that was muffed up.)




  • Not deadmau5 clone. I swear.

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