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Because, I have so many OCs, I decided to make one question show for all of them! Here's an example question to help you.

Example (to Stella): Insert your question here

Now let's get started!


Question 1

Mad Jack (To Stella): Hello there, Stella! Want to see some magic? *pulls out a knife*

Stella: I've a phobia of knifes, but Max loves to see magic! *points over to Max*


Mad Jack: Relax! 60% of the time this trick works every time! *throws knife in the air and it starts levitating* Ok....and....PRESTO! *knife ignites and turns into a rose* For you...m'lady....*hands it to Stella*

Stella: Oh! Thanks!

Question 2

Space Pirate Foxy (To everyone): So, I went to Pirate Cove and saw my collection was gone so I wanted to ask you guys... Why is the rum gone?

All (except Max): Max drank all of it!

Max: No I didn't! *has rum on mouth*

Drunk Dominick:YO HO HO AND A BOTTLE OF RUM *dominick drinks from a bottle of rum*

Question 3

Springfield (to anyone who would like to answer this question): Could you guys survive together on a desert island?

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