Ask Bracer questions. Edit and add them on.

Question #1

Sapella: Who do you hate the most?

Bracer: well I don't actually hate anybody, just malevolent animatronics. Anybody I meet apart from them could be potentially good friends.

Sapella: O-OK, I ain't gonna judge that..

Question #2

ME: So you don't mind having 4 arms while I have 8 right? 10 maybe, if you count the ones on my neck.

Bracer: I don't at all, I may look like a nightmare, but I look at the bright side of it. With more arms, I can help out more.

ME: Same here. That's exactly what I think.

Question #3

Snowflake: Do you cwimb ceiwings wike mommy does?

Bracer: Why yes little snowflake, I can climb ceilings and walls like your mom.

Snowflake: I wanna cwimb the ceilings one day like mommy! Can you teach me?

Bracer: Sure for a little angel like you snowflake. Put your hands on the ceiling and get used to the grip, then make your first climb.

Snowflake: Um...can't weach the ceiwing.

Bracer: Here let me help (lifts snowflake to ceiling.)

Snowflake: *holds on tight to the ceiling and slowly starts crawling* Weeeeeeee! Thank chu!

Bracer: Glad I can help.

Question #4

Violet: If you have four arms... Can you give double hugs?

Bracer: Yes actually, it's what I say, single hugs are fun, double hugs gets the job done.

Question #5

Golden Amy: Has the other Amy passed through here? If so, I want you to know she isn't someone worth trusting.

Bracer: No she did not pass through here yet. Wait! Aren't you suppose to be the one I shouldn't trust? (Bracer's endo eyes appear) I read your personality.

Golden Amy: I... Uh... Um...

Bracer: (endo eyes go red while smiling widely) You better go now, sorry to make it short.

Question #6

Snowflake: Bwacew! I have a wittwe bwothew!

Yoru: *looks up at Bracer, speaking gibberish*

Bracer: That's wonderful, Snowflake! Hi Yoru, "gently shakes hand", any friend of Snowflake is a friend of mine.

Yoru: *speaks gibberish again and smiles*

Question #7

Question #8

Question #9

Question #10

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