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Isn't it simple what happens here?

Bungale: Yeah. It is.

Question 1

Risa: Is there any animatronics that really bug you?

Bungale: I never liked Balloon Boy. He always gets my servos in a bunch...

Question 2

Elijah: Can I have a cupquake?

Bungale: Sure! *looks for a cupcake* Hey, who took the last cupcake?

Lindsay: Crap, those were for somebody?! *face is stuffed with cupcakes*

Question 3

Golden Lindsay: Have you seen Lindsay anywhere? I'm looking for her.

Bungale: *not there, a sign saying 'Sorry! Out of order' is there instead*

Golden Lindsay: Worthless. All of you...*storms off*

Bungale: *comes out of hiding* Absolute stupid...

Question 4

Holly the Fox: I saw what happened there. Have you seen Serena, my mother? I just can't find her anywhere!

Bungale: To the left! Somewhere near the 4th Party Room.

Holly the Fox: Ok thanks! *runs to 4th Party Room*

Bungale: Good luck, hope you find her.

Question 5

Ivan the Iguana: can I borrow a spare bungee cord?

Bungale: For your information, IT'S MY TAIL!

Question 6

Aaron: Hey, do you like Foxy? Do you think he's any good? Just curious, man.

Bungale: He's OK, just a bit snappy when it comes to 'Who is going to kill the guard'.

Question 7

Willow: *in disguise* Are you single? I heard of a lovely young lady who would love to be your girlfriend.

Bungale: No thanks, I'm already paired.

Question 8

Dracon: How do you hang by your bungee cord tail? Does it even gave mussels in it?

Bungale: It's not too hard, actually. Due to something in the tail I have, it sticks to surfaces very easy. And no, it doesn't have a single mussel. That would hurt.

Dracon: O_O ok then.

Question 9

Spring: Halp, I'm being chased by a gray bear with yellow stripes or something all over it.

Bungale: Excuse me a sec... *leaps over onto the grey bear with yellow on it, and rips it apart* ...A bit overkill. But hey, you're welcome.

The grey bear suddenly comes back to life somehow, as a walking, ripped apart suit with endoskeleton and disformed parts popping out everywhere.

Spring: He can't die and he's from dah future!! D:

Bungale: On second thought... RUUUUUN! *dashes away*

Question 10

???: How on earth do you pronounce your name?

Bungale: Bun-gale. That's it.

Question 11

Frika:What do you think about me?

Bungale: You're OK, just a bit freaky for my tastes.

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