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Well, just a thing for my first OC.

Charlotte: Nyahahahahaha! A-ask m-m-m-m-m-me if you wanted to!

Question 1

  • Gamer Guy: Do you like-like anyone???
  • Charlotte: No, I can't like the w-whole w-world if a-anyone k-k-knows how much Mikoto Uesaka hates me because of her uncontrollable anger outburst.

Question 2

  • Risa: Is there any animatronic that you consider a close friend of yours?
  • Charlotte: M-M-Miku or either Kurumi.

Question 3

  • Sodapop: Fishcake?
  • Charlotte: T-T-Thanks for giving me Fishcake. I will always calm if I'm a nerd

Question 4

Springfield: Why do you talk the way you talk?

Question 5

Golden Toy Foxy: Arr, what's your favorite Disney movie? Mine is Hunchback of Notre Dame!

Question 6

Emy the Guardian Cat: So what would you do if one of your friends are badly hurt? By the way, we're both cats! Cool, right?

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