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This is a short show where animatronics ask Elijah questions. (Credits to Minecraft Kid)


Question 1

  • Peppy:Why are you shy of talking to Ana?
  • Elijah:Yeah...You aren't getting that one out of me....

Question 2

  • Amine:What is your favorite video game?
  • Elijah:Pokemon or Five Nights.......

Question 3

  • Ana:Would you tell me what your favorite song is?
  • Elijah:Uhhhhhh.............Hunger of the Pine?

Question 4

  • Wolfy: Hey buddy, how do you get such good grades at school? It's amazing!
  • Elijah:Not sure. I sometimes study with my :Gulps: "Friends"

Question 5

  • Risa: So... An animatronic that really gets on my nerves is Balloon Boy... Is that the same for you, or is it someone else that gets on your nerves?
  • Elijah: Freddy is quite mean >:c

Question 6

  • Spam: Let me ask you something... are you ready for Freddy?
  • Elijah: I am ready! To hate him >:C

Question 7

  •  ??? (Fazzy wearing a fake moustache): Now, I can see why you think Freddy is quite mean, but what about Fazzy?
  • Elijah: Fazzy? He is nice : D

Question 7

  • Toy Spam (Wearing Spam's mask): Happy Mother's Day! TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  • Fazzy: Spam... that's cold...
  • Elijah: My Mom's Dead :'''C
  • Risa: Spam! How cruel! *Hugs Elijah* Don't worry... It will all be fine, dear. (She calls people "dear" a LOT.)

Question 8

  • Bungale: Which of the 'toy' animatronics do you like the most?
  • Elijah: Mangle...She is my idol!

Question 9

  • Lindsay: Don't take this the wrong way...but I think youree adorable...
  • Mittens: he is pretty adorable...
  • Elijah: ((Blushes))

Question 10

Springfield: *stares at Elijah angrily*

Elijah: Sorry...I was in decommission for a while.

Question 11

Lime Guy: DO YOU THINK THIS IS A FREAKING GAME?! (insanity is fun)

Elijah: Uh.....I like video games :3

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