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This is the page where you can ask Emy the Guardian Cat!

Emy: Meow! Ask me anything! ^^


Question 1

Phantom Bungale: If you had the chance to revive me, would you revive me?

Emy: Yes I would! But I still love you... *blush*

(No longer dating...)

Question 2

Ivan: as you are an "angel" cat, is there a "demon form"?

Emy: Actually, yes....and that would be ME.

ME: I heard that!

Emy: Wait when did you- never mind....

Question 3

Seth: Why are you so awesome?

Emy: You think I am? Aw thanks! And it's probably becausoue everyone likes how I'm so kind to them. Getting compliments like these are just so awesome to hear! Again, thanks!

Question 4

Xavier: Do you accept me and Jenny being together?

Emy: Meh...I guess so. You two make a great couple anyways.

ME: Good cause I was getting worried!

Emy: Uh....ok?

Question 5

Amy: Hey sis! Ok, my question is... What is your favorite food? You cannot choose anything from the pizzeria.

Emy: Uhhhhh...I guess....the Korean barbecue short ribs.

Amy: Well that is specific. I like Bacon.

Emy: Bacon would be my second, but ok. :)

Question 5

megumi: why are you so popular?

Emy: Wait what? And I thought ME was- oh know, I have no idea either!

Question 6

Spam: Why do you protect and serve instead of kill and stuff?

Emy: I was created to do that. Don't blame me. Plus, I rather let ME do the killing and me doing the scaring.

Question 7

Me: Don't tell anyone about what happened between me and Emerald.

Emy: *motions "I'll keep my mouth shut about it" and winks*

Question 8

Me: Will my OC Version's relationship with you be added to your profile anytime soon?

Emy: Um....let me ask Emerald...Emerald!

Emerald (me): I'm on that!

Me: Yay!

Emy: Emerald hurry up!

Emerald (me): I'M TRYING HOLD ON!

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