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Hey there, every one! Ivan's here to answer all your questions!

Ivan: Ask away! don't be afraid...

Question one

Do you think the Illuminati exists? Also, what do you think about my oc's? Are they mean to you? I'll give them a timeout! I will! Just give me the order! - Rage the Hedgehog

Ivan: Yes, there fine, and no need to do that! Except for Golden Lindsay, and Firefly, always threatening me with that flamethrower...

Question two

Ricky: Howdy, Ivan! How goes the stuffing business? I hear it pays real well these days!

Ivan: Fine, but why would you care?

Ricky: Well, I guess I was just a little curious.

Ivan: eh, no biggie... I mean, I don't even DO the stuffing. I mainly just make the night guards faint. I don't kill them.

Question Three

Firefly: When have I ever threatened you?!

Ivan: I cant remember exactly, But I know you have! hmph!

Question 4

Random Guy: MAH BOI's a big fan, can he get a picture witcha?

Ivan: sure!

Kid: :D *picture*

Question 5

Holly the Fox: Ivan, what is your favorite thing to do?

Ivan: oh, uh, I dunno. Maybe read, draw, that sorta stuff.

Question 6

Fellow Derpian: Do you speak DERP?

If you do, the translation is below.

Derpan, derp derp derp DERP?

Ivan: Yes, I do. Derp, derp derp. derpy derp derp?

Fellow Derpian: DERP derp. Derp derp derp derp. Derp derp derp derrrrrrr!

derp derp derp DERPY derp derp derpy dur.

Question 7

Springfield: Are we friends?

Ivan: Yeah, Definitely! What made you doubt it?

Springfield: Toy Ivan said you weren't my friend.

Question 8

Drago: would you mind living with humans? Like, have a human as a best friend?

Ivan: Nope! Actually, John, the janitor, is actually my favorite human!

Question 9

(Is now added here sorry about that!)

Emy the Guardian Cat: So what would you do if any of your friends are hurt?

Ivan: *eyes turn black* KILL THEM

Emy the Guardian Cat: That's what I would do....nice.

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