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Katt is my newest character, so you obviously wanna learn more about her, right? Then ask away here!

Question 1

Holly: Do you hate me?

Katt: No, why would I?

Question 2

Mr. Handy: Death to the humans.....they will know the joy of creation.....join me, Katt....

Katt: Oooh! Sounds fun! Wait... are you flirting with me?

Mr. Handy: Of course not, fool...

Question 3

Gamer Guy: Hey Katt!!! do you wanna see me do a backflip over a burning gas tank??

Endoman (from a distance): Target aquired, launching missile.

Katt: You what now? Sure! :D

Gamer Guy: Ok (does the backflip and jumps over endoman's missle which explodes the gas tank and explodes, Gamer Guy is injured)

Gamer Guy: *weak* oohhhh I-I-Im Okkk

Katt: *Claps* oooh! That was great! Can you do it again for my camera?

Risa the Raccoon: *Darts in* What in the name of pizza is going on in here?!

Question 4

Risa: Have you ever gotten damaged to where your endoskeleton was exposed?

Katt: Actually, yes! It hurt quite a bit...

Risa: Agreed. It's happened to me before.

Question 5

Mr. Handy: The humans will die.....they will be taught....the joy of creation....

Katt: Okay Handy... that's quite enough of you! *Kicks Handy* This joy of creation mumbo jumbo is gonna get all tangled up in someone's circuits and I won't be the one to get rid of it, thank you very much!


Question 6

Charlotte: Hey, have you seen some hideouts? Miko is going to beat me up.

Katt: Yeah! Over there! And there and there and there...

Question 7

Mittens: Why do you hate my boyfriend.... >:(

Katt: What, that orange thing? He hits on EVERYONE! The little pervert...

Question 8

Dominick:have you heard of me or my pal *yells* TINY BOX TIM

Golden Dominick:ITS ME

Dominick: send help



golden dominick:Im so lonely :(

Dominick:hey golden forgot to tell you NO ONE CARES

Question 9

Gamer Guy: How do you feel about the fact that I was kidnapped by Toy Chica and Dillan in The Five Nights in '15 Roleplay??

Katt: They were there? OH THOSE LITTLE PIECES OF...

Lindsay: How do you think I feel? I died and got an endoskeleton head now!

Quesrion 10

Springfield: Do you like Freddy Fazbear?

Katt: Maaaaaybe...

Springfield: Uh...that's not what I meant...

Q #11

Golden Toy Foxy: Do you know how to fix dismantled animatronics? Just asking, *nervous laugh*...I kinda dismantled myself here...

Springfield: Katt is unfortunately away right now....let me help.

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