Finally a Q&A for ME! ME you ready?

ME: *cracks knuckles* Eeyup! Ready!


Don't ask her out. She's already married.

Don't try to kill her here. It'll never happen.

You can do a dare on long as she doesn't mind doing it and that is doesn't pissed her or anyone off.

That's it! Have fun! ^^

Question 1

Julian: Uh... Did that uh... In that RP mean anything?

ME: *ears perck down* Um...uh...I kinda had my setting changed during that time not really.

Julian: I was hoping not! I have a girlfriend, you know.

ME: I told you! Settings! Someone hacked into me it's not my fault!

Julian: What the? Did you hear me? I am happy!

ME: Oh....nevermind. Btw, did you take my advice already?

Julian: This question has veered off path. And Yes!

ME: Good...wait why am I asking you? You should be asking me! You know what, we discuss this later.

Question 2

Tonic: How comes most the RPs I'm in have you in it and coincidentally one of Bolt's and/or Demonic's?

ME: *shrugs her shoulders* Idk....coincidence?

Question 3

Xavier: Would you like to have another child sometime soon?

ME: *blushes* I'll think about it...for now, let's stick with Snowflake.

Xavier nods and kisses ME.

ME blushes but kisses back.

(They did have another child btw.)

Question 4

Wesko: Oi, robots can't be married unless you are in a world where assassins can marry robot cats, asides from that, have you ever thought about the fact that when you were hacked by some guy and had opposite opinions, you eventually went back to normal? It kinda makes no sense, same for Xavier, who apparently has some sort of demon inside him making his opinions opposite too, I know, my creator talks about this stuff alot, but really.

Xavier: Dude. This is Fanon. ANYTHING can happen in Fanon.


South Ferry: Its pronounced "Because its f*non.".

ME: *grabs Wesko by the neck and stares at him coldly with red pupals* Say that again and I'll rip every limb off you.

Question 5

Question 6

Question 7

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